Dr Pan Jiayan

Research Focus

  • Migration and mental health, Resilience in acculturation, Post-migration growth, Cognitive behavioral therapy for migrant groups, Chinese international students, Scale development and validation, Quantitative research method

Selected Research Project


An integrative teaching and learning approach to improve mental health of university students in Hong Kong (Principal Investigator), Teaching Development Grant, HKBU


Improving mental health by cognitive behavioral intervention and adventure training for Chinese university students in Hong Kong (Principal Investigator), Faculty Research Grant (II), HKBU

Selected Publication


Young, D., Ng, P. Y.N., Pan, J.Y., Fung, T., Chan, D. (published online first)Validity and Reliability of Recovery Assessment Scale for Cantonese Speaking Chinese Consumers with Mental Illness, International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction
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Pan, J.Y., Ye, S. & Ng, P. (2016) Validation of the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire in a Chinese student sample in Hong Kong, Journal of Clinical Psychology, 72 (1), 38-48. doi: 10.1002/jclp.22193 (5-year Impact Factor = 2.677)


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