Dr Lai Hor-yan, Angel

Research Focus

Poverty, Human Development, Social Capital, Intervention Research, and Policy Research

Selected Research Project


A Trans-Disciplinary Big Data Hub: Investigating the Social Mobility, Poverty And Diversity Nexus
An intergenerational policy experiment to promote social mobility of children in poverty and productive aging of older people in Hong Kong: An early childhood internet-based and family-based intervention research

Selected Publication

Lai, H.Y.A., Chui, C.H., & Chan. C. L. W. (Submitted). Against the Odds: The Positive Social Skills Development of Ethnic Minority Children in Rural China.
Chui, C.H. Lai, H.Y.A. & Tang, S. (Submitted). MindJam: A Performing Arts Program for Adolescents in Hong Kong.


Ho, R. T., Lai, A. H., Lo, P. H., Nan, J. K., & Pon, A. K. (2016). A Strength-Based Arts and Play Support Program for Young Survivors in Post-Quake China: Effects on Self-Efficacy, Peer Support, and Anxiety. The Journal of Early Adolescence. doi:10.1177/0272431615624563
E.K. Yeoh & Lai, H.Y.A (2016). An Investment for Celebrating Aging. Policy Research Reports No. 7. Our Hong Kong Foundation.


Ho, R. T. H., Fan, F. M., Lai, H.Y.A., Lo, P. H. Y., Potash, J. S., Kalmanowitz, D. L., Nan, J. K. M., Pon, A.,K. L., Shi, Z. B., Chan, C. L. W. (2012). An expressive arts-based and strength-focused experiential training program for enhancing the efficacy of teachers affected by earthquake in China. Creative Education, 3(1), 67-74