Dr Lai Hor-yan, Angel

Research Focus

Research areas: (1) Community and social capital correlates of youth mental health, including ethnic minorities, children in poverty, and youths in rural China; (2) Arts activities as a creative media for youth development; (3) Access to, and quality of health and social services for the aging population

Methods: (1) Social network analysis; (2) Multi-level modelling; (3) Longitudinal analysis; (4) Mixed methods research

Selected Research Project


Principal Investigator, Ethnic Identity Development for Psychological Resilience in Yi Orphaned Adolescents (October 2018- June 2020). Funded by: General Research Fund (HKD 481,981)
Co-Investigator, Consultancy Study on Pilot Scheme on Support for Elderly Persons Discharged from Public Hospitals after Treatment (July 2018- Feb 2020). Principal Investigator: Professor E.K. Yeoh. Commissioned by Social Work Department in collaboration with CUHK (HKD 2.9 Million)
Co-Investigator, Evaluation Study of the Pilot Scheme on Residential Care Service Voucher (Jan 2018- June 2019). Principal Investigator: Professor E.K. Yeoh. Commissioned by Social Work Department in collaboration with CUHK


Co-Principal Investigator, A Trans-Disciplinary Big Data Hub: Investigating the Social Mobility, Poverty and Diversity Nexus (Oct 2016-Oct 2019). Principal Investigator: Professor Adrian Baliey. Funded by: Hong Kong Baptist University Strategic Development Fund (HKD 4 Million)
Principal Investigator, The Developmental Well-Being of Yi Ethnic Minority Children in Rural China: A Risk and Resilience Perspective (Sept 2017-Sept 2018). Funded by: Hong Kong Baptist University Digital Scholarship Grant (HKD 100,000).
Co-Principal Investigator, Provision of Consultancy Service on Means Test of Samaritan Fund and Community Care Fund Medical Assistance Programmes (Dec 2017- Dec 2018). Principal Investigator: Dr. Roger Chung. Commissioned by Hospital Authority in collaboration with CUHK (HKD 1.5M)
Consultant, Jockey Club Generation Connect Project (Sept 2017-Sept 2020). Principal Investigator: Professor E.K. Yeoh. Funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKD 30M).
Principal Investigator, Evaluation on the 9th Wan Chai Community Musical Performances for Positive Youth Development (Sept 2017-July 2018). Sponsored by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services.

Selected Publication


Lai, A.H.Y., Cho, E., Chui, C.H., & Chan. C. L. W. (Forthcoming).The role of Ethnic Identity: Pathway from Peer Socialization to Positive Academic Motivation in Yi young people of rural China.
Lai, A.H.Y., Chui, C.H., & Tang, S. (Forthcoming). Social Capital For Positive Well-being: Exploring the Underlying Social Processes of a Youth Street Culture Performing Arts Program in Hong Kong.


Lai, A.H.Y., Zhuang, K, Yam, C, Ayub, S, & Yeoh, E.K. (2017). Vouchers for Primary Health Care Services in an Ageing World? The Perspectives of Elderly Voucher Recipients in Hong Kong. Health and Social Care in the Community, 26(3):374-382. doi: 10.1111/hsc.12523(SJR indicator: 0.83, Q1 journal ranking in Health Policy and Social Work)
Lai, A.H.Y.., Chui, C.H., Lo, P.H.Y., Jordan, L. & Chan. C. L. W. (2017). The buffering effect of child-caregiver relationships: Social skills development of ethnic minority children with maladaptive behaviors in rural China. Children and Youth Services Review ,79, 333-340. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.06.038 (SJR indicator: 0.81, Q1 journal ranking in Education and Social Work)


Ho, R. T., Lai, A. H., Lo, P. H., Nan, J. K., & Pon, A. K. (2016). A Strength-Based Arts and Play Support Program for Young Survivors in Post-Quake China: Effects on Self-Efficacy, Peer Support, and Anxiety. The Journal of Early Adolescence. doi:10.1177/0272431615624563
E.K. Yeoh & Lai, H.Y.A (2016). An Investment for Celebrating Aging. Policy Research Reports No. 7. Our Hong Kong Foundation.


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