Professor Ng Yat-nam, Petrus

Research Focus

Psychiatric rehabilitation, Mental health counselling and therapy, Group work

Selected Research Project


Principal investigator, (with R. Klassen, S. Li, S. Su and V. Wong, Adolescent or adult? The challenges of emerging adulthood in contemporary Hong Kong. (Funded by GRF 2012/2013 Allocation)
Principal investigator, (with S. Hung & S. Su), A study on burdens of family caregiving in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, (Support by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mini-area of Excellence).


Principal investigator, (with E. Ho from Student Affairs Office as the host of the project and D. Chan from Education Department as co-investigator), Whole-Person development assessment of university students, Research grant from HKBU Strategic Development Fund.
Principal investigator, (with E. Ho from Student Affairs Office as the host of the project and D. Chan from Education Department as co-investigator), Enhancing fresh graduates\' research abilities for employment through developing the holistic assessment fro outcome-based learning for university students for 3+3+4 , sponsored by UGC Additional Funding Support for New Initiatives.
Principal investigator, A study of the quality of life of people participating in a community metal health care program, sponsored by Faculty Research Grant.


Principal investigator, A study of the Community mental health intervention project for persons with suspected mental health problems. Funded by T.W.G.Hs.


(2004) (with Angela, O K Tsun & Victor, C W Wong) The Teaching and Learning of Evidence-based Clinical Intervention


(2003) (with K F Chan) Working with Clients with Schizophrenia and Their Carers


(2002) (with K F Chan) A Qualitative Study on the Aftercare Service for People with Mental Illness in Hong Kong
(2002) (with K F Chan & Cecilia, S Y Lai) Courses on Training and Taking Care of People with Mental Handicap for Helping Staff
(2002) (with K F Chan & Cecilia, S Y Lai) Training Services to Frontline Rehabilitation Personnel for the Mentally Handicapped Persons
(2002) Children and Youth EQ Training Project


(2001) A Comparative Study on the Weaknesses and Potentials of Two Communities in Promoting Care to the Elderly - Towards Better Community Care Policies for the Elderly Service in Hong Kong and Shanghai
(2001) (with K F Chan) Evaluative Research on Emotional and Value Education Program for Secondary School Students


(2000) (with K F Chan, Mary Leung & Duo Wu) An Exploaratory Study on Developing Mental Health Related Curriculum for High School Students in Hong Kong and Shanghai

Selected Publication


Lam, P. C. W., Ng, P., Pan, J., & Young, D. K. W. (2015). Ways of coping of Chinese caregivers for family members with schizophrenia in two metropolitan cities: Guangzhou and Hong Kong, China. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 61(6), 591-599. doi: 10.1177/ 0020764014565797.
Young, D. K. W., Ng, P. Y. N. & Pan, J. Validity and reliability of internalized stigma of mental illness (Cantonese). 1-8, Research on Social Work Practice, Published online before print March 10, 2015, doi: 10.1177/1049731515576209


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