Professor Lai Wing-leung, Daniel

Research Focus

Social work and Gerontology, Health and Aging, Culture and Immigration, and Outcome Evaluation

Selected Research Project


01/2021 to 12/2024, Health differences among South Asian and Chinese older adults in Hong Kong: The role of social capital (Funder Research Grant Council - General Research Fund, HK$902,148)


09/2020-11/2022, Project Evaluation of the Mapperthon Sports Project (Funder: Chinese YMCA, HK$400,000
04/2020-10/2020, Effects of social and political unrests on mental health of older people in Hong Kong (Funder: Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, HK$492,200)


10/2019-04/2021, Consultancy Study on Managing the Occupational Safety and Health Challenges on Ageing Workforce in Hong Kong (Funder: Occupational Safety and Health Council, HK650,000 (operated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University))
09/2019-08/2021, Positive Ageing and Happiness (Funder: Occupational Safety and Health Council, HK$991,011 (operated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University))
03/2019-02/2022, Gearing Up for the Third Age (Funder: Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, HK$5,000,000 (operated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University))


09/2018-08/2020, Infusion Active Ageing Education Project (Funder: Zeshan Foundation, HK$2,133,471(operated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University))

Selected Publication


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