Dr Chan Tak-mau, Simon

Research Focus

Clinical and family practice and research, Father-son conflict and family triangulation, Men-in-Trauma studies, Narrative practice – Families with dyslexia children

Selected Research Project


Study on the effectiveness of holistic approach to the homeless, Funded by Christian Concern for the Homeless Association, (2016-17) $322,253 (PI)


Construction of Intervention Model for Assisting Street-sleepers and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Model, Funded by Society for Community Organization, (2014-16) $425,000. (PI)
Levels of Stress and Adaptability of Families with Children having Dyslexia in Chinese Community: A Mixed Method Study, funded by Faculty Research Grant, HKBU (2014)


Coping Behavior of Chinese Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Hong Kong, funded by Faculty Research Grant, HKBU (2013)
The Mental Health of Casino Employees in Macau Casinos, Funded by Faculty Research Grant, HKBU (2013)

Selected Publication


Chan, T.M. S (in press) The work-individual-family inquiry of mental health and family life of croupiers employed in Macau gaming industry. Journal of Family Therapy (SSCI; 5-Year IF:1.237; SJR H-Index: 32)
Chan, T. M. S. & Tsang, W. H. (in press). Disclosure of victimization experience of Chinese male survivors of intimate partner abuse. Qualitative Social Work (SSCI; IF:0.589)
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Chan, T. M. S. & Chung Y. L. A. (In Press). Chinese Cultural Values and Solution Focused Therapy. In D. Hogan, D. Hogan, J. Tuomola & A. Yeo (Eds.) Solution Stories from Asia: Adapting Solution Focused Practice in Asian Contexts. Singapore: Taylor & Francis


Chan, T. M. S., Teram, E., & Shaw, I. F. (2017). Balancing Methodological Rigor and the Needs of Research Participants: A Debate on Alternative Approaches to Sensitive Research. Qualitative Health Research. 27 (2), 260-270. (SSCI; 5-Year IF:2.065; SJR H-Index: 74)


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