Dr Tsun On-kee, Angela

Research Focus

Self and self-esteem, Individual and family work, Narrative practice

Selected Research Project


Overcoming Internet Addiction: A Narrative-based Counselling Approach, funded by Social Welfare Department (commissioned by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups)


Development of Management System for Group and Community Work funded by Social Welfare Bureau of Macao SAR Government
Development of Case Management System in Macao, funded by Social Welfare Bureau, Macao SAR Government


Narrative Journey with Young People Who are Taking Drugs, funded by KTO, HKBU (with Boys\' and Girls\' Association of Hong Kong).
Enlightenment Project III funded by Correctional Services Department, HKSAR (commissioned by Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service, Hong Kong)
Development of Field Learning Guide and Organizing Training Programmes for Health Management and Social Care, funded by Education Bureau.
Study of Ethical Values and Decision Making of Young People, commissioned by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, HKSAR Government

Selected Publication


(2011) Doing harm with a good heart: volunteer social work in a post-disaster situation in China, Commentary 1. In Sarah Banks and Kirsten Nøhr (Eds.), Practising Social Work Ethics Around the World: Cases and Commentaries (pp.40-42). Routledge (in press
(2011) Overeating as a serious problem and foods as real good friends: revising the relationship with food and self in narrative conversations. International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, No 2, 3-15.


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(2009) Understanding Service Provision for Young Persons with Gambling Behavior, (with Wong Victor)
(2009) Understanding Service Provision for Young Persons with Deviant Behavior, (with Wong Victor)
(2009)《我們的抗藥旅程『生命智庫計劃』 敍事理念與實踐》,研究報告,84頁


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