Dr Shum Hei-yan, Michelle

Research Focus

Law and Social Policy, Third-sector Study, Social Service Management, Eldercare and Rehabilitation

Selected Research Project


Survey Report on Social Enterprises in Hong Kong. Funded by Hong Kong Housing Society (HK$60,000)
Survey Report on Cross-Generational Living in Hong Kong. Funded by Hong Kong Housing Society (HK$ 80,000)

Selected Publication


Chui, C.H.K. , Shum, M.H.Y., & Lum, T.Y.S. (2017). What makes working in social enterprises distinct from NGOs and commercial corporations? Perspectives from employees. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit (Under review).


Shum, M. H. Y., and Lum, T. Y. S. (2016). Population Aging and Care for the Elderly in Hong Kong. In Jeanne L. Shea and Hong Zhang.(Eds). Beyond a Filial Piety: Rethinking Aging and Eldercare in Contemporary East Asian Societies. (In press)


Shum, M. H. Y., Lou, V. W. Q., He, K. Z. J., Chen, C. C. H., & Wang, J. (2015). The Leap Forward in Nursing Home Development in Urban China: Future Policy Directions. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 16(9), 784-789.
Lum, T. Y. S., Yan, E. C. W., Ho, A. H. Y., Shum, M. H. Y., Wong, G. H. Y., Lau, M. M. Y., & Wang, J. (2015). Measuring filial piety in the twenty-first century: development, factor structure and reliability of the 10-item Contemporary Filial Piety Scale (CFPS-10). Journal of Applied Gerontology. doi: 10.1177/0733464815570664
Shum, M. H. Y., Ho, A. H. Y., Luo, H., Wang, J., Wang, Y., & Lum, T. Y. S. (2015). Protecting the Rights of Chinese Older Persons in Need of Residential Care: The Social Justice and Health Equity Dilemma in the People's Republic of China. In Meenan, H., Rees, N., & Doron, I. (eds). Towards Human Rights in Residential Care for Older Persons: International Perspectives (London, UK: Routledge).