Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Social Policy

Programme Goals and Objectives

We believe that the state has the basic, essential obligations to plan, finance and provide goods, services and opportunities to fulfill social and national needs, enhance social qualities, social justice and equity. Social policies are therefore not merely responses to claims of partisans or interest groups, nor should be alternative solutions to problems or challenges with structural factors. Social policies can champion for the long-term wellness and development for individuals, cohesion and mutual support among social groups and for a balance of development in society. Administrators or managers of public and community service, other than efficient and effective operators, can also be advocates for positive changes, as well as the change agents of informal, decentralized, distributive and integrated process with due respect to citizen participation and empowerment.


The programme aims to:

  1. Develop students’ understanding and ability to participate in the making and evaluation of social policies in local, regional and international contexts. Emphasis will be placed on understanding problems of social injustice and the unequal distribution of social resources in the Greater China Region.
  2. Develop students’ understanding of diverse needs and the significance of social development through the studies of interface and relationships between social policies and other social sciences disciplines.
  3. Develop students’ appreciation of and the ability to utilize social research as an integral component of social policy studies.
  4. Develop students’ appreciation of and ability to utilize macro-intervention methods and knowledge to critically analyze the changing relationship between individual and the state in the local, regional and international contexts.
  5. Develop students’ sensitivity to social injustice and inequality as a result of specific social structures, emergences of social changes and the promotion of general wellness of human beings in the contemporary society.
  6. Develop the understanding of the contents and impacts of specific social policies as well as the rights and needs of special social groups such as the young and older people in the society.

Programme Targets

The Programme is designed as a two-year full-time programme primarily for HKBU AD graduates in applied social service. AD graduates with equivalent qualifications offered by the HKBU and other recognized institutions may also apply. In particular, those with AD and Higher Diploma in social sciences such as sociology, public administration and social work are encouraged. AD or Higher Diploma graduates in non social sciences discipline may be required to take additional units in social sciences or general education courses.