Master of Social Sciences in Counselling
(MSocSc in Counselling)

Programme Structure

Basic Structure

The Programme is delivered in 1-year full-time mode or 2-year part-time mode programme with courses normally offered on weekday evenings or Saturday morning/ afternoon. Students in this programme must complete a total of 30 units, that is, 8 courses including 2 youth counselling context courses, 3 core counselling courses, 1 research course and 2 elective courses carrying 3 units each; and a 6-unit counselling practicum.


Core Counselling Courses 12 units
Counselling Specialization Courses 9 units
Practicum 6 units
Counselling Elective Courses 3 units
TOTAL 30 units


I Core Counselling Courses 12 units
  SOWK7420 Theories in Counselling & Therapy 3 units
  SOWK7450 Processes and Issues in Counselling 3 units
  SOWK7410 Human Diversity & Cultural Differences 3 units

SOWK7040 Research & Programme Evaluation

3 units


II Counselling Specialization Courses (choose one of two specializations) 9 units
  Youth CounsellingSpecialization (YC Specialization)  
  SOWK7170 Youth at the Margins: Theory & Practice 3 units
  SOWK7430 Narrative Approach to Counselling 3 units
  SOWK7440 Narrative Practice with Specific Youth Groups 3 units
  Mental Health Counselling Specialization (MHC Specialization)  
  SOWK7120Child & Adolescent Mental Health 3 units
  SOWK7510Cognitive-behavioral Therapy 3 units
  SOWK7790Mental Health Counselling with Older People 3 units


III Practicum 6 units


IV Counselling Elective Courses (choose one of these courses) 3 units
  SOWK7470 Counselling Project 3 units
  SOWK7500 Family Therapy
3 units
  SOWK7430 Narrative Approach to Counselling
* for Mental Health Counselling Specialization only
3 units
  SOWK7510 Cognitive-behavioral Therapy
* for Youth Counselling Specialization only
3 units

SOWK7840 Data Methodology in Social Sciences Research

3 units

SOWK7890 Career Facilitation and Counseling

3 units