Master of Social Sciences in Social Work
(MSocSc in Social Work)

Aims of the Programme

The programme title is Master of Social Sciences in Social Work (MSocSc in Social Work). The programme is designed for Bachelor's degree graduates who would like to pursue a recognized social work qualification (RSW) at a Master's degree level. The programme aims at preparing students for reflective professional practice in social work.


To develop competent professionals who are critical, reflective and capable of generic social work practice and competent to face the challenges confronting social work in the changing society.


To educate graduate students to achieve the academic and professional qualification that is considered eligible for registration as Registered Social Workers in Hong Kong on the basis of a recognized social work degree;


Outcome goals:

Upon graduation, the graduates can:
  • Assess changing social needs and societal context and practice in line with the values and the ethical principles of social work;
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and practice, acquire new theories and innovative practice, and show a commitment to life-long learning and professional development;
  • Critically evaluate professional activities and service programmes and advocate for appropriate welfare and service reforms;
  • Be sensitive to and reflective of the power, diversity and social justice in social issues, social work practice and social policy; and
  • Transfer social work knowledge and skills in one's own profession other than social work.